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i wish i could say i was drunk at the time.... - Drunken Knitters Unite!

About i wish i could say i was drunk at the time....

Previous Entry i wish i could say i was drunk at the time.... Apr. 3rd, 2006 @ 04:21 pm Next Entry
last night after MAYBE half a glass of red wine I decided to get up from my knitting and go sit on the other couch with my fiance. somehow i managed to knock over the half-full glass of shiraz INTO MY KNITTING BAG....which held the last ball of yarn for my wedding shawl....which of course, is WHITE! (80/20 kid mohair/silk blend) :(

needless to say there were many tears and swearing as i cleaned the wine off the two couches, the carpet, and dumped it out of my bag. the sweetheart held out his arms as a makeshift shift to help me put the yarn back into a hank for a nice bath, and then remembered the actual swift in our spare bedroom and helped me set it up to complete the job

about half an hour later the yarn had been washed and hung to dry, but he couldn't handle the stress and had gone to bed before seeing the final product. i checked in on it this morning and while the bathroom was smelling rather sheepy, the yarn seems to have been saved

lesson learned: don't set the knitting bag anywhere near the glass of wine! normally it's under the table, not between the table and the couch. i'm just glad i didn't drump the wine on the 3/4 completed project or i'd have been doing a lot more than crying and swearing....
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Date:October 8th, 2006 01:46 pm (UTC)
hello i've just joined this community and i read this and i was worried about your shawl! how did it turn out? have you posted a picture of it anywhere?
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